1. Annual Fees, Billing, Dues

2018-2019 Annual Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

 Most MFRMLS customers are billed annually in April (September for unlicensed assistants) for their subscription renewals. You can review frequently asked questions related to billing by clicking here. You may also email annualbilling@mfrmls.com or call 800-686-7451 and select Option 5.

MFRMLS Steps To Make An Online Payment 2018

  1. Go To: www.mfrlogin.com login with ID and Password

  2. From MFR Login dashboard – Click View/Pay Bill or from Matrix External links – Pay Your MLS Fees

  3. Once in GophertIT Portal – Select “MY INVOICES

  4. Under “Outstanding Invoices” Select “View/Pay INVOICE”  – Invoice Date 4/1/18

  5. Select “Pay By Card” / If paying by "Check" please see below

  6. Select “YES” to checkout

  7. Enter Payment Information (any information that is prepopulated can be changed)

  8. Click “Pay With Your Credit Card

  9. Can then View or Print Receipt

Returning to “My Invoices” – Payment will show “Payment Pending” for up to 24 hour


To Pay By Check

  1. After Clicking View/Pay Invoice
  2. Scroll Down and Click Mailing in Check
  3. Then Print out Payment Stub
  4. Mail Check and Payment Stub to Address on Payment Stub "Do Not Mail To MFRMLS Corporate Office"

My Florida Regional MLS

PO Box 740508

Atlanta, GA 30374-0508




1.1. MLS Fines
1.1.1. Penalties for Inaccurate or Incomplete Data

Article 11.4: Penalties forInaccurate or Incomplete Data

Article 11 - Compliance with Rules

Section 4: Penalties for Inaccurate or Incomplete Data. The intent of these Rules and Regulations is to allow Participants to provide the buying and selling public the best possible service and to facilitate cooperation between Participants. The listing office will be notified in writing or by electronic means if there is a violation of the Rules and Regulations.

A. Progressive Fines
a. Courtesy Warning Notice. The Service willautomatically issue a courtesy warning notification prior to any fine beingissued, except for any violation resulting in an automatic fine as defined inthese Rules and Regulations. Courtesy Warning Notice will be sent for potentialviolations of the following:
b. If the violation is corrected within onebusiness day (excluding weekends and holidays), there will be no fine assessed;
c. If the violation has not been correctedwithin one business day (excluding weekends and holidays) after notification,the Participant or Subscriber shall automatically be assessed a fine.
d. Repeated or deliberate violation of the samerule by the same subscriber will immediately be subject to the progressive fineschedule with no further notice.
B. Automatic Fines.The Service will automatically issue a fine with no prior warning for potentialviolations of the following:
b.Failure to obtain owner(s) of record signature
c.Allowing unauthorized acces
d.Not abiding by showing instruction
e.Not correcting incorrect information after a fine has been paid.

C. General FineSchedule. The following progressive fine schedule has been established by the Board of Directors and applies to Progressive Fines.
a. 1st offense within two year period: $ 50
b. 2nd offense withintwo year period: $100
c. 3rd offense withintwo year period: $250 and notification that a fourth offense will require ad isciplinary hearing before a Board hearing panel.
d. 4th offense within two year period: $500 minimum fine and other discipline as determined by a Board hearing panel.
The progressive fine schedule is per-agent per-offense and any Rule violation is counted as anoffense. The term “within a two-year period” is defined as occurring within any two consecutive MFRMLS fiscal years (July 1-June 30). Fines are billed to the Agent, the Participant is ultimately responsible.

D. Other Fines The following potential violations are more serious in nature and fines have been established accordingly

a.Housing for Older Persons. Due to the serious nature of this offense under the Fair Housing laws the fine for violations will be as follows:

a) Automatic $500 for each occurrence for the first three violations within one year.

b) Fourth violation within one year will require the Participant/Subscribers to appear for a hearing in accordance with the MFR Rules and Regulations.

b.Listing Manipulation: Manipulation of listing status as noted in Article 4 is subject to the following fine schedule:

a) 1st Offense: $50 Fine

b) 2nd Offense: $1,000 Fine

c) 3rd Offense: $2,000 Fine

d) 4th Offense: At least a 30 day service suspension at the discretion of the Board of Directorsfollowing the opportunity for a hearing.

c.Status Changes: Failure to report a status change within two days excluding weekends and federally recognized holidays after all necessary signatures are obtained. Should a Participant discover thata change in status has not been reported prior to a fine being issued, the error may be corrected, however the Administrative Department must be contacted immediately with the information by email, phone or fax to avoid the issuance of a fine.

a) 1st offense within two year period: $100

b) 2nd Offense within two year period: $200

c) 3rd Offense within two year period: $500 and notification that a fourth offense within two years requires a disciplinary hearing before the Board of Directors or a Board-appointed panel.

d) 4th Offense within two year period: $1,000 Minimum and appearance at a hearing in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.


e).Password Sharing/Scout MLS: Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations that prohibit any sharing of passwords. The following progressive fine schedule has been established by the Board of Directors and applies to both to Progressive and Automatic Fines.

1st Occurrence: $250
2nd Occurrence: $500
c)3rd Occurrence: $750
4th Occurrence: Hearing Panel: Up to $5,000


e.Incorrect/Incomplete Information: For failingto correct the information after a fine has been paid. The Participant will be assessed an additional fine of $500 for each occurrence.

f.Failure to Obtain Owner(s) of Record Signatures on Changes: For failure to obtain the owner(s) of record signature on a change in status, the Participant will be assessed a fine of $500 for each occurrence.

g.Failure to Obtain Required Signatures on Listing: For failure to obtain the owner(s) of record signatures prior to entering the listing, the Participant shall be assessed a fine up to $2,500 for each occurrence.

h.Allowing Unauthorized Access: A fine of up to $5,000 as determined by the Board of Directors for each occurrence will be assessed against any Participant/Subscribers found to have allowed or provided access to the MFRMLS system by an unauthorized person.

i. Use of Contact Information: Members who provide contact information to any party for other than member/member communication will be subject to an automatic fine. (New 11/18/11)

a) 1st Offense: $1,000Fine

b) 2nd Offense: $5,000Fine

j. Use of Listing Content of another brokerage for advertising/display on the internet for purpose other than licensed IDX is probibited without the permission of the listing broker will be subject to an automtic fine. (Revised 9/1/12)

a) 1st Offense: (individual subscriber) written warning

b) 2nd Offense: Automatic $500.00 FIne

c) 3rd Offense: Automatic $5,000 Fine

d) 4th Offense: Hearing on Violation of the MLS Rules and Regulations with penalty determined by the Hearing Panel.

k.Submission of Requested Documents: MFRMLS may request additional documentation for purposes of auditing a listing. Documentation requested must be received within two calendar days of the request before 5:00 p.m., excluding weekends and federally recognized holidays. Failure to comply with the request will result in an automatic fine with per diem as follows: (addition 10/12)
a.$150 if documentation is not received by 5:00 p.m. on thedeadline;
b.$150 for each additional day (excluding weekends and federallyrecognized holidays) until the documentation is received; maximum of five (5)days.(total fine $900)c.If documentation is not received by 5:00 p.m.on the sixth (6th) day, the listing will be administratively changed to “Temporary off Market” (TOM) and the matter will be referred for a Hearing and determination of any further disciplinary action. (as authorized and inaccordance with Article 11.1 and Article 12.2 of these Rules and Regulations)