1. Listing Information
1.1. Data Listing Forms

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1.2. Office Firming/Linking Offices

Office Firming

Office Firm as an MLS definition: A group of two or more offices managed by the same broker within the MLS, connected together by having the same Head Office ID.

Office firming is designed for multi-licensed brokers who manage multiple offices within My Florida Regional MLS. This feature allows a participant to designate a head/main office, which is sometimes referred to as the “parent office.” The “parent office” is the office the participant will log into and list properties out of if they choose to, and their additional branch offices (often referred to as “child offices”) are offices that agents work out of.

When offices are “firmed” it allows a user with broker-level access(!H) to access/modify all listings within all offices of their firm, rather than only those listings within the office they reside in. Since the broker is ultimately responsible for the listings, it is essential that they have access to all listings in all of their offices.

Firming also allows a broker to have one login ID to manage multiple offices instead of having individual logins for each office they manage, saving them time and money. If the broker wanted to list properties out of multiple offices, they would need additional unique login IDs to accomplish this and firming would not be a solution.

This concept works similarly for assistants. There is an option within the Broker Authorization section of the Gopher It Portal where a broker can designate an assistant as a Company Assistant (CA). With this access, an assistant is not only able to add/modify listings within their office, but across all offices within the firm.

To designate an office as the head or branch office, the participant should contact MFRMLS at admin@mfrmls.com with all of the related office IDs and designate which office is to be the “parent” office. The parent office needs to be the office listed as the broker’s home office (the one that the broker logs into/lists out of). It is critical that the broker logs into the office dedicated as the head office due to the downstream impacts this has for third-party products.

The Transaction Desk user experience for brokers is affected by firming in that the Broker Tools section will reflect all of their agents/offices. Other impacts of firming are related to listing syndication. For instance, the dashboards for Zillow Direct and Homes.com will reflect options for all offices within the firm, not only the home office of the broker. Although this consolidation is considered a benefit to the broker, it is still important to note these changes.

Firming is manually managed by MFRMLS staff, offices can also only be “un-firmed” by our staff. It’s important to note that if a new broker is designated to manage an office that is part of an existing firm, the broker listed on the head office will still have full visibility and editing capability of all listings within the office until MFRMLS is notified.

1.3. Reciprocal Listings

Reciprocal Listing Information

Please ensure your association is a participant of the Statewide Reciprocal Agreement.

Participating Association/Boards include:

  • Amelia Island/Greater Nassau County MLS, Inc.

  • Bonita Springs-Estero Association of Realtors

  • Daytona Beach Area Association of Realtors

  • Flagler County Association of Realtors

  • Hernando County Association of Realtors

  • NE FL Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (Jacksonville area, Putnam)

  • Miami Association of Realtors

  • Jupiter-Tequesta-Hobe Association

  • Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches

The fee to enter a Reciprocal Listing with My Florida Regional MLS is $100.00 per listing.

You will need:

  • The Statewide Reciprocal Form filled out and signed by your primary Association/Board.

  • MLS Data entry form pertaining to the type of property you are listing

  • Driving directions, Realtor and Public remarks need to be typed out in the body of an email or word doc

To avoid delays in getting your listing active in the MFRMLS system please ensure the Statewide Reciprocal and Data Entry forms are completely filled out. All field marked with ** are required and will not allow your listing to be made active without this information.

Please note that since you are not a customer with MFRMLS your contact info will not appear in the Realtor info fields. Your contact information will be added to the Realtor Only Remarks so be sure to include the best contact email and phone #’s.

Once all information is ready please email forms to admin@mfrmls.com once all forms are received we will call to collect payment.