1. Matrix

When Logged Into Matrix Click on the Help Tab at the top right as shown below. If you like, please see our complete Resource Guide. There are several resources you may access through the Document Library that will guide you through using Matrix.

1.1. Custom PDF Reports Tool

Custom PDF Reports Tool

The "Custom PDF Reports" tool allows you to customize (and print) the following reports with additional design and layout options:

  • Broker Synopsis,
  • Customer Synopsis,
  • Broker Full and
  • Customer Full reports

This tool is available by clicking on the Customer PDF Reports button at the bottom of any listing.

 >>Download a Start Guide

1.2. Activating Matrix Saved Searches to Auto Emails

Here are the steps to turning your Saved Searches into an Auto email.


First put your mouse on My Matrix:




Then click on Saved Searches:



From the saved search screen you will click on the name of the search and it should give you an extended menu where you will click on settings:


 Once you click on settings you it will take you to the next page where you will click “Turn this search into an auto email:



From here it will take you to the page where you will turn on your auto email.


1.3. Top Items to Know For Matrix

​Top Items to Know in Matrix

 Below is a list of the Top items you need to know when working with Matrix.


1) Search Operators

Wild Cards

The Matrix Search tab offers a variety of customizable search screens to provide multiple templates for different search needs. While conducting a search using open-text fields, remember to use the Wild Cards to get the exact results you are looking for.

 Searching For Enter this in Matrix Searching For Enter This In Matrix
 Equals Wood wood More than100+ 
 Contains wood, cherry *wood*,*cherry* Less Than100-
 Contains All wood cherry *wood**cherry* Between/Range100-200
 Starts with wood  wood* Exactly100
 Not Equal wood !wood  
 Not Starting wood !wood* Date Ranges 
 Not Containing wood !*wood* 30 Days Back 0-30

Speed Bar

The Speed Bar allows you to quickly search for listings using abbreviations and shortcuts. Criteria can be entered directly into the Speed Bar, or changed after running a search to narrow your results. You can also save your Speed Bar search as a Shortcut to use again in the future. Below is an example of the criteria desired for a search and its abbreviations and shortcuts typed into the Speed Bar:

To show all Active Residential with a List Price between $400,000-600,000 with 2-3 bedrooms and 3+ baths in Orlando with SQFT over 2000 and located in Orange County  ISD school district:

A $400-600 2-3 3+ Orange 2000+ sqft Orange County ISD

NOTE: The only specific order for the Speed Bar search is for the Beds and Baths fields.


2) Recent Searches

The Recent Searches feature, a drop-down menu always located to the right of the Speed Bar, is at the top of every screen that allows you to return to a previous search. If the search was run during your current login session to Matrix, your selected listings will still be checked, in the display view you were using when you left the screen.

Important: This feature displays your search results at the time the previous search was run. If changes such as Status or List Price have been made since the Recent Search was run, or new listings match your search criteria, these will not be reflected in the Results.


3) Saved Searches vs. Auto Email

 In Matrix, the searches are divided into Saved Searches (searches saved not set up to notify anyone), and Auto-Emails that notify your clients of new information, Automatically or Concierge mode.

The Saved Searches feature offered on your search results screen allows you to quickly re-run your saved criteria and find current results. A Saved Search does not have to be attached to a Contact. No notifications will be sent.

The Auto Email feature will offer the same feature as a Saved Search, but will allow you to quickly re-run the search. Auto Email must be attached to a Contact. It will notify your client to new listings that match the saved criteria.


4) Hot Sheet

The Hot Sheet search provides you with the “changes” in your market niche since you last looked at it. You must add the Days Back information as part of the search criteria if you want it to be a Today’s Hot Sheet.

Benefit: With Matrix, the Hot Sheet is ran back to the last time you ran the search.



5) Portal Updates

In MLXchange and Fusion, you had the option to re-send a listing to a Contact if there was a Price or Status Change, or when the Listing Agent added the first Photo. Matrix doesn’t re-send property listings when updated. While the information is only displayed on the Portal, new changes are highlighted.

You can’t email a report. All listing information is communicated through the Portal.

All emails sent to your contact will be available on the Portal.

CMA reports, Driving Directions, Statistical reports and System PDFs associated with your contact are available on the Portal as well.

Consumer friendly search tool that includes a Search by Map.


6) My Matrix/Setting

Portal Greeting: The Portal Greeting allows you to edit a greeting message that will show on the Home Page of your Contacts’ Portal. This message will appear for each of your Contacts. You can add a photo, change the greeting, and run spell check on your text.


Portal Information: You can select what information displays and in what order, on the Information section of your Client’s Portal. Each drop-down menu contains the list of contact information from your Information tab. No modifications can be made on this page. If you wish to make a modification, you will need to go back to the Information tab, make the change, click Save, and return to the Portal Information tab to add it.

Email Signature: Type in the text information you wish to be displayed at the bottom of all email communication from Matrix. Click the Check Spelling link for spellcheck.



1.4. Listing Days On Market Definitions

           DOM (Days on Market) is labeled ADOM in MFR

    ADOM/DOM represents the actual number of days a property has been active within the MLS system without reaching an end of life status.

    ADOM/DOM is restricted to the actual listing number and not based off the actual property, which is a big difference between the two DOMs.


   CDOM counts days on market without regard to the individual listing, since it’s based off the matching of matching another listing.


     CDOM counts days on market according to the rules below:

     CDOM does not accumulate days where a listing is Off-Market (e.g., sold,pending, withdrawn, expired, and temp off market).

     CDOM calculation starts over from zero for any new listing added for the property, once the property has been sold.

     CDOM calculation starts over from zero after a property has been Off-Market for 60 Full days.

     CDOM accumulates days across listings, even if the property changes from one listing agent to another.

1.5. Updating Property Locations in Listings

How to Set Map to Show Correct Location When Entering or Editing a Listing

When adding a new listing go to Add Edit, then after clicking add new and selecting property type, or if editing a listing go to add edit ,select your listing, then click on your property type this will take you to the listing tab.

1. While in the listing tab, click on “Set Lat/Long from Address” under the map, if this does not place the pin in the correct location,  then click on "Set Lat/Long Manually".


2. After clicking Set Lat/Long Manual, change the location on the map to the property address.


 3. Set new pin


4. Save new pin


5. Make sure to click submit listing after making changes if editing the listing, or continue to the status tab if inputting the listing to submit listing as incomplete or active. 

1.6. IPAD Login and Clear Cache Help

Ipads and Iphones have an upgrade to the new IOS 8.02 to correct problems with the original 8.0 IOS update. To manually update your device follow these steps:

click on Settings,General, then Software Update to get the latest IOS system for your device. 

If this does not work, please scroll down and follow the instructions from the “Clear Cache” guide. This will enable cookies and clear your device’s history. Alternatively, you may also clear your cache by clicking on Settings, then scroll down to Click on Safari. 

After you click on it, scroll until you see Clear History and Website Data. Click on the Clear History and Website Data option, then click again to clear the history and cookies from your browser



To Clear Cache in Safari on Your iPad


1.7. Search Questions

Search Criteria

Q: How do I enter a range for a number, such as date or price?

For any field where you need to enter a number (such as street number, number of bedrooms, etc.) or a date (list date, close date, etc.), use the following format:

All Values Within a Range: Type in the minimum, then a hyphen, then the maximum. For example, if you want all listings with a street number from 1000 to 1500, you would enter 1000-1500 in the Street Number field. To get all listings that went on market in February, you would type 3/1/13-3/29/13 in the date field to the right of the Active Status. Alternately, for dates you can use the calendar control which will enter the dates for you.

All Values Equal To or Greater Than: Type the starting value followed by a plus sign. For example, if you want all listings with three or more bedrooms, type 3+ in the Bedrooms field. If you want all listings that have gone on market since the first of the year, you would type 1/1/13+ in the field next to Active Status.

All Values Less Than or Equal To: Type the starting value followed by a minus sign. For example, if you want all listings selling for less than $200,001, type 200000- in the List Price field (no dollar sign or comma).

Thousands check box: Note that some fields, notably price, may have a check box followed by (000). This enables you to enter full thousands and omit typing the 000 every time.

Q: How do I set my own default search criteria?

When you first open one of the standard Matrix searches notice that the default selection is Active. You can set your own default search criteria according to how you usually search. For example, let's say you usually search for Active A-Frame houses in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 areas. 

  1. Ensure that "Active" is selected in the Status box. Click in the Area box and type "1" on your keyboard. Holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, click Areas 2, 3 and 4. In the Style box, click to select "A-Frame."
  2. To save your new default settings, click on the  http://matrix.ct-mls.com/Matrix/images/icons/settings.png  image on the top right of the search screen next to the "per page" settings. Three options will appear. Click on the first one: "Set currently selected search criteria as my starting default".
  3. Every time you return to this search, your default criteria will be preselected for you so that you don't have to redo this each time. Note that you must set your default criteria for each different search you use.
  4. If you occasionally need to do something different than your default, simply make the criteria changes on the screen for this search session.
  5. To remove all criteria, including the original system default criteria,  click the  broom "Clear" button on the bottom left of the page in the shaded grey bar to start fresh.
  6. The original system defaults are available to you as the third option under the http://matrix.ct-mls.com/Matrix/images/icons/settings.png icon: "Reset to the system defaults".

 Q: Where is the "ALL" selection for list boxes?

List boxes do not have an "ALL" selection. If you want all values in a list box for your search, leave them all unselected. Matrix assumes you want all values in your search, unless you specifically click to select certain values (thereby excluding those not selected).

For example, if you do not make a selection for Status, Matrix will return all statuses in your search. If you click to highlight "Active" but leave all other statuses unhighlighted, Matrix will only return Active listings.

If you have already selected a value but really want "ALL", then hold down the Ctrl key and click on the selected value to deselect it.

When ALL items are selected, the background of the select box will be white. If one or more items are selected, the background is light blue.

Saving a Search

Q: How do I save my search?

You may easily save any search you run on Matrix. At any time after saving a search, you may run the full search, run a time stamped search, or revise the criteria. You may also assign the search to one of your Contacts.

    1. After running your search, scroll to the bottom of your search results, click the "Save" button, then click "New Saved Search" from the blue bar.
    2. Type in a name for your search.
    3. If you want to assign this search to one of your Contacts, click the drop down box "Contact" and select one of your Contacts. If this drop down box is empty, you do not have any contacts and need to click "Create a New Contact". 
    4. To complete the save, click the "Save" button.

Q: How do I access my saved searches?

    1. To access your saved search, click the "My Matrix" tab, then click "Saved Searches"
    2. On this page, you will find all your saved searches. The display for each search includes the name, any description you entered, the contact name it's assigned to (if any), and the date and time you last ran the search.
    3. Click the "subject" line of the search to access more options for the Saved Search.
    4. Settings: Click the "Settings" button to change the settings for the search (search name, contact, enable as favorite).
    5. Revise: Click the "Criteria" button to revise the search criteria.
    6. Results: Click the "Results" button to rerun the search and retrieve all matching listings.
    7. Date Since: Click the "Date Since" button to see all new or changed listings that match your criteria since the last time you ran the search. This will update the time stamp to the date and time that you clicked "Date Since."
    8. Market Update: Click the "Market Update" button to see either the updated listings since the last run, or by specifying a specific date range.
    9. Delete Search: To delete one or more searches, either click the "Delete" button on the gray bar, or click the select check box next to the search(es) and then click the "X Delete" button on the bottom left of the page.

Q: How do I extend my saved searches?

Searches are automatically extended depending on the amount of times the search is used or clicked on. If the search is dormant or not used for 80 days, the search will be inactivated.

Search Results

Q: What are the maximum number of results I can get with a search?

Matrix will return up to a maximum of 5000 sortable results. Auto Emails will include up to 250 results.

Q: How do I get a count of my search results before I execute the search?

Matrix will automatically display the listings count (matches) next to the "Results" button based on your current search criteria.

Q: How do I change the number of search results that are displayed per page?

 At the upper right of your search screen (in the shaded gray bar), there is a drop down box.


Click the down arrow next to the box to select 10, 25, or 50. This will determine how many listings are displayed per page on your search results. Matrix will remember your selection each time you return to the search until you change it.

Q: How do I select all of my search results?

To select all search results on a page, click to place a check mark in the check box in the gray shaded column header (upper left of the screen) or click the "Page" link at the top of the page. If you have multi-page search results and want to select them all, click the "All" link at the top of the page.

To remove your entire selection, click the "None" link.

Q: How do I sort my search results?

If your search returns 5000 or fewer listings, Matrix automatically sorts the results by Property Type, then Status, then Area, then List Price, all in ascending order. If you want a different sort, you may do a custom sort. If you have more than 5000 listings, the custom sort option is not available.

  1. Click the "Refine" button at the bottom of the page.  Then click the http://matrix.ct-mls.com/Matrix/images/icons/sort.png Sort button  (if the Sort button is not there, you have more than the maximum 5000 search results).
  2. The custom sort options will pop up in a new field selection window.
  3. For each field you want to add to your sort, click to highlight the field in the "Available Fields" box. Click the "Add->" button to move the field to the "Sort Fields" box (or simply double click to move it over).
  4. The field will be in ascending sort order. To switch to descending order, simply double-click it.
  5. Results will sort in order of your fields from top to bottom. To rearrange the order of your selections, highlight a field you want to move, and click the "Up" or "Down" button.
  6. To remove a field from your selections, click to highlight it and click the "<-Remove" button.
  7. When you have all the fields you want, click the "OK" button. This will return you to your search results sorted as you requested.

NOTE: Saving a search modified in this way applies the sort to that search only. The next time you run a new search, Matrix will revert to the default sort. If you want to use the same sort, you will need to recreate it for each search.

Q: How do I narrow or discard my search results?

At the bottom of your search results screen, click the "Refine" button.  You will find  "Narrow" and "Discard" buttons in the blue bar. You can use these to help refine your search results.

Narrow: As you go through your search results, there may be only certain ones you want to keep. Click the check box next to each listing you want to keep. Click the "Narrow" button. This will remove all listings from your search results that you did not check, so that you can more easily focus on the listings that interest you. In other words, you "narrowed" your search results.

Discard: This works the opposite of "Narrow." Click to select any listings that you want to remove from your search results. Click the "Discard" button. The listings you selected will be dropped from your search. After using the "Discard" button, a new button will appear labeled "Un-Discard." You may click this button to return your discarded listings to your results.

Q: How do I map my search results?

With Matrix, you can plot more than one listing on a single map!

  1. On your search results page, click the select box next to each listing that you want to plot together on a map.
  2. Click the "Map" button at the top right of the page.
  3. Your selected properties are all plotted together on one, interactive map.
  4. Click the "Directions" button at the bottom of the page.  You will see the white space next to the map populate with a mini view of the properties you wish to visit.
    Mousing over each property highlights it in blue and allows you to adjust the order of the properties by clicking the up/down arrows at the right of the property image.  You will see the pins on the map update with the appropriate number.
  5. Click the "Add Start" button to input your starting point for driving directions. Enter a name for this way point, enter the starting address and click "Find Stop".  The map will update with your starting pin.
  6. Click the "Add Stop" button if you would like to add additional pins that can be inserted anywhere into the order by using the up/down arrows at the left of the address.
  7. Once you have finalized the travel itinerary, click the "Directions" button below the map.  Scroll down to find the Turn-by-Turn Directions at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can email or print those directions using the appropriate buttons on the bar below the map.

Q: How do I get Driving Directions?


Other Search Questions

Q: What are the Question Mark icons next to each field?

Next to each search field is a gray circle with a question mark. Click on any of these to get an explanation of that field. Also, you may move your cursor over the to get "Tooltip" help.

Q: What is Cross Property Search?

You may use the Cross Property search to search across all six property types. This is especially helpful when you have an address or an MLS® number but do not know which property type it is in.

Q: How do I access "Recent Searches?"

If you run a saved search, it will immediately be listed in the Recent search pick list (image 1 below).  If you were to click the Criteria button, alter the search, and run those results, the modified Search will appear above the Saved Search at the top of your Recent Searches (image 2 below).

Below are screen shots of how the Recent Searches work:

You can run a saved search and viewed the results by using the Recent Search menu (image 1):


Once you  hit the Criteria button, changed the price range, and viewed the results grid, You have the modified search listed above the Saved Search in Recent Searches (image 2):


1.8. Printing in Matrix

Accessing Your Print Options

There are multiple options for printing listing reports from Matrix. After conducting your search, with your properties selected, click on the "Print" button at the bottom of the page.

Are You Seeing All of the Reports?

After you click on the Print button from a search results or listing details page, you'll see the below screen.


As you can see in the above screenshot, there are a limited number of reports that initially show.

However, notice at the bottom of the list where it says "more (click)." Clicking here will reveal more reports that are available.

Exploring Your Other Options

There are several options listed next to the list of available reports.

  • "Print Agent Header and Footer": If this is not selected it will shorten up the report but agent info will not appear.
  • "Print Search Criteria"
  • "Ink Saver:" This option will remove all maps, images and headers (i.e. check here if all you want to see on your report is text).

The Print Bar


The above bar allows you to email a PDF of the selected report. Here you can also "Print to PDF" (i.e. save the PDF to your computer).

(Note about the Agent Single Line Display: The Agent Single Line was not designed to be printed. If this is desired, it is best to export the data to Excel then alter the format in Excel.)

One-Page Reports

Most of the reports in Matrix are dynamic, meaning they will expand in size, depending on the listing data. MFRMLS has created several "Single Page PDF" reports. You will see these one-page reports within the list of available reports.

Custom PDF Reports Tool

The "Custom PDF Reports" tool allows you to customize (and print) the following reports with additional design and layout options:

  • Broker Synopsis,
  • Customer Synopsis, 
  • Broker Full and 
  • Customer Full reports

This tool is available by clicking on the Customer PDF Reports button at the bottom of any listing. 

 >>Download a Start Guide

1.9. Custom Single Line Display

How to Customize a Single Line Display

 There are several Icons in the Results/Single Line Display to customize your Matrix View



Utilizing the Icons above and using your cursor in the Column Header you can sort and set different displays for your view.








1.10. Speed Bar

Speed Bar

The Speed Bar is a multipurpose searching tool will allow you to run a search from any screen. 

The Speed Bar accepts two types of input:

  • Speed Bar Shorthand: a series of simple codes you enter into the Speed Bar. Matrix translates your entries into search criteria and runs the corresponding search.
  • Speed Bar Shortcuts: any Matrix search that you've Saved As a Speed Bar shortcut. Enter its name in the Speed Bar and Matrix runs that saved search.

Speed Bar Shorthand Examples

  • Street Number and Name: 607 Lake Cove Pointe (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
  • Street Name: Lake Cove Pointe (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
  • Status: ACT for Active; SLD for Sold
  • Listing Class: RES for Residential; XPROP ACT for Active Cross Property
  • County: Orange for Orange County
  • Zip Code: 34787 for 34787 - Winter Garden
  • ML Numbers:  O5211293 or O5211293 A3961475 or *5211293
  • List Price (In Thousands): $500-550 or $500+ or $500-
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 4+ 3+ for 4 or more bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms
  • Square Feet Heated: 2000+ sqft or 2000-2500 sqft
  • Open Houses: OH 4/22/2014 or OH 0 (0 means today) or OH 34787
  • Agent Search: AG Brown or AG Adam Brown
  • Office Search: OFF Century*

Combining Shorthand Codes

  • RES ACT 34787 34242 34210 for Active Residential listings in Zip Codes 34787, 34242, or 34210
  • RES ACT 34787 $800+ 4+ for Active Residential listings in 34787 at $800,000 or above with 4 or more bedrooms

Shorthand Tips

  • Keep it simple
  • Case doesn't matter
  • Combine your Shorthand codes in any order (except for bedrooms and bathrooms)
  • Put spaces between Shorthand codes, not commas
  • Check the criteria on the results page to ensure it searched for what you asked for

Property Type: RES, COM, INC, VAC, RNT




Price: You must use a '$' before the dollar amount.  All values are in thousands.


$300 --> Price equals $300,000

$300-350 --> Price between $300,000 and $350,000

$650+ --> Price equal to or greater than $650,000

$300- --> Price equal to or less than $300,000


Beds:  You may add a space and "beds" or "bd" after the number, but are not required to do so.


3 bd-->  Exactly 3 Bedrooms

3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Bedrooms, inclusive

3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Bedrooms

3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Bedrooms


Full Baths:  You may add a space and "baths" or "ba" after the number, but are not required to do so.

3 ba -->  Exactly 3 Full Baths

3 baths -->  Exactly 3 Full Baths

3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Full Baths, inclusive

3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Full Baths

3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Full Baths


Zip Code: Enter a 5 digit Zip Code



23220 23223


Heated Square Feet: You must add "sqft" or "sf" after the number.


3000+ sqft --> Equal to or greater than 3,000 sqft

2000-2750 sf --> Between 2,000 and 2,750 sqft, inclusive


Bedroom, Bathroom, and SqFt criteria do not work in the COM property type.

1.11. Icons


Rateplug: Mortgage Information

REALIST: Tax Information

 Showing Time: Showing Assist  to request a showing /view instructions