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IMAPP Search Results and Options

Search Results

Once a tax search has been performed, the results will appear in a spreadsheet, or Browse Search Results view.

From the Browse View, you can link to any of the tax records in the results. Left click on the blue PID link to navigate from the browse view to the tax record view.


The number of results that display on one web page will be determined by the selection from the Show/page feature located in the upper right hand section of the page. From the drop down list, you have the option of displaying 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 results per page.

To navigate from one page of results to another, locate the blue next > feature at the top of the search results page. You can also select a range of results to view from the drop down list.

Each result will automatically be selected. If you wish to deselect a row, simply ‘uncheck’ that result. You will notice a box appear at the top of the page reminding you that you have changed the status of some of the results by deselecting them. The last step will be to confirm your changes to the results page by clicking the commit changes button.


NOTE – It is very important that you remember to deselect and commit changes one page at a time from the results. If you deselect results and then navigate to the next page before selecting the commit changes button, the results on the previous page will get "reselected”.

There will also be a menu to the right of the search results. In the menu you have the following options:

  • Viewing the results on a map.
  • Downloading the search results.
  • Creating mailing labels from the search results.
  • Refining the search by adding additional search criteria.
  • Saving the search for future use.
  • Printing the search results.


View Search Results on the Map 

To see where the search results are geographically located, look for the View On Map feature to the right of the results in the menu. Left click on the text View on Map and a parcel, or street map will appear, depending on the number and scale of the results.


If you have more than 100 results from your search, you will have to select the Map All Search Results feature to the right of the map view.

Downloading Search Results 

To download the search results, look for the Download Results button in the menu to the right of the page.

Left click on Download Results, and a Select Download Layout  page will appear. From this page you will have options to select the type of information you wish to download, as well as an option to choose which fields appear in the export and what type of file format.


Select the Download button after making your selections. A dialog box will appear requesting for you to either open or save the file.


If the download dialog box does not appear, look for the following text on the Downloading Selected Search Results page:


Left click on the text titled this link, and the download dialog box will appear. After opening the file, the program you have selected to open with will display the data.


Refine This Search

If you have performed a search, but decide you wish to include additional search criteria without having to perform a new search, there is a feature on the Browse Search Results page to help you.

Locate, in the menu to the right of the search results, the button titled Refine This Search. Left click on the button, and the system will return you to the search page. The original criteria you entered for the search will still be displayed, but now you can select additional search fields in order to refine your search.

Save This Search

In order to save a search you have performed, locate the Save This Search button in the menu to the right of the page and select it.

A Save This Search dialog box will appear. Click on the text box, and enter in a name for the search. Click on Save.


The search will be saved to the Search page. To locate it, click on New Search from any page. The search page will display. Locate the My Saved Searches feature on the search page. Place your mouse cursor over the My Saved Searches feature, and your saved search will appear in a list for you to select from.


Print This Page

You can print information from the IMAPP system by locating the Print This Page button in the menu to the right of the page.

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