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IMAPP Zoom Feature & Additional Map Tools

The IMAPP Zoom Feature


The Map Zoom feature is located to the right of the parcel map.  By selecting one of the arrows, or buttons, on the Map Zoom feature, you can adjust the scale of the map.  Selecting either of the first two zoom level buttons on the left will display the subject property, the surrounding parcels along with their lot lines and approximate lot dimensions.

Selecting a higher zoom level will continue to show the subject property, as well as more of the surrounding parcels in that neighborhood. The highest zoom level will display a street map view only.


Additional Map Tools


Below the Map Zoom feature is a drop down box that will allow for additional layers to be displayed other than the parcel map. For example, to display an aerial photo on the map, select the aerial photo layer from the drop down box.

The aerial photo view will then display.


Street maps and flood data are other layers that can be selected to view.


The Measuring Tool can be used to obtain approximate measurements from the map. First, click on the measure feature to the right of the map.
Then, with your mouse cursor, select a point on the map that you will be your starting point. Left click and draw a line from one point on the map to your next point. Then, left click once more, and continue to draw lines from point to point until you completely close in the area you wish to measure. Once you close in on your point of origin, left click one more time and the square footage (or acreage, depending on how much of an area is measured) will display.

The dimensions are approximate, and not intended to replace a lot survey.


If you wish to redraw your map and erase any measuring activity, simply select the “Measure” button on the report or click on the map and begin to redraw your desired shape.
The Pan Map tool allows you to move the tax record parcel map in any direction. Select the Pan Map feature in the menu to the right of the parcel map. Move your mouse cursor over the parcel map. Left click and hold on a starting point, and then pan the map. After you let go of the left click of the mouse, the map will refresh and the area you have selected to view will display.

NOTE– After you have selected the Pan Map feature and have moved the map in the desired direction, click on the Identify button (below Pan Map) to deactivate the pan option.


The Save Maps feature will allow you to save a map view offline as a separate file on to your computer.


Custom Map Layers contains a feature that will allow you to control the MLS activity displayed on the parcel maps. Select Custom Map Layers in the Map Settings menu. The menu will expand, and a Point Layers option will display.

In order to turn off the display of the MLS icons in the map view, simply ‘uncheck’ the box next to Point Layers.To redisplay, ‘check’ the box next to Point Layers.

You can choose to view one layer by left clicking and highlighting it. In order to select multiple, or all, of the layers, hold down the Control button on your keyboard and left click on each layer you wish to view on the map.