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Printing in Matrix

Accessing Your Print Options

There are multiple options for printing listing reports from Matrix. After conducting your search, with your properties selected, click on the "Print" button at the bottom of the page.

Are You Seeing All of the Reports?

After you click on the Print button from a search results or listing details page, you'll see the below screen.


As you can see in the above screenshot, there are a limited number of reports that initially show.

However, notice at the bottom of the list where it says "more (click)." Clicking here will reveal more reports that are available.

Exploring Your Other Options

There are several options listed next to the list of available reports.

  • "Print Agent Header and Footer": If this is not selected it will shorten up the report but agent info will not appear.
  • "Print Search Criteria"
  • "Ink Saver:" This option will remove all maps, images and headers (i.e. check here if all you want to see on your report is text).

The Print Bar


The above bar allows you to email a PDF of the selected report. Here you can also "Print to PDF" (i.e. save the PDF to your computer).

(Note about the Agent Single Line Display: The Agent Single Line was not designed to be printed. If this is desired, it is best to export the data to Excel then alter the format in Excel.)

One-Page Reports

Most of the reports in Matrix are dynamic, meaning they will expand in size, depending on the listing data. MFRMLS has created several "Single Page PDF" reports. You will see these one-page reports within the list of available reports.

Custom PDF Reports Tool

The "Custom PDF Reports" tool allows you to customize (and print) the following reports with additional design and layout options:

  • Broker Synopsis,
  • Customer Synopsis, 
  • Broker Full and 
  • Customer Full reports

This tool is available by clicking on the Customer PDF Reports button at the bottom of any listing. 

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