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How To Join Thompson Broker/ Sales Person

Thompson Membership


*Refers to early 1990’s federal circuit court ruling that uncoupled MLS participation from Realtor membership in   Alabama, Georgia and Florida. 

Applicant must be a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Florida with no affiliations to a Realtor® Association even if out-of-state.


To Qualify:


  1. Applicant must be a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida.
  2. Applicant cannot have any REALTOR® Association affiliations, even if it is out-of-state.
  3. Any agents with a current active license under the broker making the application,are also required to join and pay full membership fees.

*Must have all agents and broker applications before being set up.

*Appraisers do not qualify for this membership.

System Access:

This category provides full access to the MLS *(Full access is given to all members once education requirements are met and Broker Authorization form is on file).  However, it does not provide access to any programs and services offered by respective Realtor® Association shareholders to their members.  Specifically, Thompson brokerages are precluded from:

  • Using the term Realtor® and Realtor® logo.
  • Participating in association owned and operated key box systems.
  • Using association services such as standard forms and contracts.
  • Having their listings posted on


Paper work to be completed:  4-page

1. Thompson Broker (Non Member) Request to Participate form.

2. Thompson Broker/Salesperson Membership form. 

3.  Agreement form.

4.  Payment Authorization.

 ( Forms are attached to this article at the bottom of this page)


To Qualify:


Applicant must hold a current/active real estate license under a broker with no Realtor® affiliations. 


Paper work to be completed:


1.  Thompson Broker/Salesperson Membership form

2.  Agreement

3.  Payment Authorization

**MLS fees per Licensee:  Prorated MLS fees plus one time set up fees of $215.00 for the broker and $90.00 per agent.