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Speed Bar

Speed Bar

The Speed Bar is a multipurpose searching tool will allow you to run a search from any screen. 

The Speed Bar accepts two types of input:

  • Speed Bar Shorthand: a series of simple codes you enter into the Speed Bar. Matrix translates your entries into search criteria and runs the corresponding search.
  • Speed Bar Shortcuts: any Matrix search that you've Saved As a Speed Bar shortcut. Enter its name in the Speed Bar and Matrix runs that saved search.

Speed Bar Shorthand Examples

  • Street Number and Name: 607 Lake Cove Pointe (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
  • Street Name: Lake Cove Pointe (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
  • Status: ACT for Active; SLD for Sold
  • Listing Class: RES for Residential; XPROP ACT for Active Cross Property
  • County: Orange for Orange County
  • Zip Code: 34787 for 34787 - Winter Garden
  • ML Numbers:  O5211293 or O5211293 A3961475 or *5211293
  • List Price (In Thousands): $500-550 or $500+ or $500-
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 4+ 3+ for 4 or more bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms
  • Square Feet Heated: 2000+ sqft or 2000-2500 sqft
  • Open Houses: OH 4/22/2014 or OH 0 (0 means today) or OH 34787
  • Agent Search: AG Brown or AG Adam Brown
  • Office Search: OFF Century*

Combining Shorthand Codes

  • RES ACT 34787 34242 34210 for Active Residential listings in Zip Codes 34787, 34242, or 34210
  • RES ACT 34787 $800+ 4+ for Active Residential listings in 34787 at $800,000 or above with 4 or more bedrooms

Shorthand Tips

  • Keep it simple
  • Case doesn't matter
  • Combine your Shorthand codes in any order (except for bedrooms and bathrooms)
  • Put spaces between Shorthand codes, not commas
  • Check the criteria on the results page to ensure it searched for what you asked for

Property Type: RES, COM, INC, VAC, RNT




Price: You must use a '$' before the dollar amount.  All values are in thousands.


$300 --> Price equals $300,000

$300-350 --> Price between $300,000 and $350,000

$650+ --> Price equal to or greater than $650,000

$300- --> Price equal to or less than $300,000


Beds:  You may add a space and "beds" or "bd" after the number, but are not required to do so.


3 bd-->  Exactly 3 Bedrooms

3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Bedrooms, inclusive

3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Bedrooms

3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Bedrooms


Full Baths:  You may add a space and "baths" or "ba" after the number, but are not required to do so.

3 ba -->  Exactly 3 Full Baths

3 baths -->  Exactly 3 Full Baths

3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Full Baths, inclusive

3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Full Baths

3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Full Baths


Zip Code: Enter a 5 digit Zip Code



23220 23223


Heated Square Feet: You must add "sqft" or "sf" after the number.


3000+ sqft --> Equal to or greater than 3,000 sqft

2000-2750 sf --> Between 2,000 and 2,750 sqft, inclusive


Bedroom, Bathroom, and SqFt criteria do not work in the COM property type.