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How to join - Assistant

MFRMLS Assistants (unlicensed)

There are 3 different types of Unlicensed Assistants unique to MFRMLS

· Personal Assistant

· Brokerage Office Staff Assistant

· Company Assistant

To become an MFRMLS Unlicensed Assistant, there is a $65.00 set-up fee required and a prorated annual access amount (payable to MFRMLS). The annual amount will be billed by MLS on September 30th.

a. Please submit a completed and signed Unlicensed Assistant/User Information Form (employer's and assistant's signatures required).

b. MFRMLS also requires Unlicensed Assistants to attend the "Introduction to MLS" Basic class and the "MLXchange Entering & Updating Listings (Listing Maintenance)" class within 60 days of MLS access.

c. Submit a legible copy of the assistant's driver's license orgovernment-issued I.D.

d. Submit appropriate payment for MFRMLS fees.

Due to the specific guidelines and procedures associated with this membership type, we recommend contacting one of the local share holder associations for more detailed information.