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Mailing Labels

How to Create Mailing Labels


After obtaining your search results, to create mailing labels, start by selecting the Create Mail Labels button to the right of the search results page. The Download Search Results as Mail Labels page will display.

Please Note:

  • Tax searches have a limit of 5000 with the ability to download / make mailing labels for all results.
  • MLS Searches may show up to 5,000 results, but they are limited to only 500 downloads at a time.





The Download Search Results as Mail Labels page


Label Contents

Label Contents will allow you to select the format in which the name and address information displays on the mailing labels.



1.    Occupant will format the word Occupant and display the property address for each one of the results.



2.    Owner will format the actual Owner Name and mailing address per the tax bill for each one of the results.


3.    Owner at Property Address will format the actual Owner Name and property address for each one of the results.

* Each of the above will also have an option to display barcodes.


4.    There are additional options for the label contents. In the center of the page, locate the Replace First Line (Name) With feature. If you place a ‘check’ in the box next to this feature, and then left click on the drop down arrow to the right, you will see the other options available.



5.    The feature below Replace First Line (Name) will remove duplicate results based on mailing address. To activate this feature, ‘check’ the box next to the text Remove Duplicate Results Based on Unique Address.




Label Type Section

After making these selections, locate the Select Output format section. There are 3 choices PDF, Word or Create Labels as Text File ( CSV).Scroll through each list and select the appropriate label size you wish to print onto. If you scroll to the bottom of the list, you will see options for printing on envelopes, instead of labels (see image on the next page).


Create Labels as PDF

When you are ready to print, look for the Generate Labels in PDF Format button in the lower left hand section of the page and select. 


A dialog box will appear for you to open or save the file.


After opening the file, the labels will display in an Adobe Reader.


After viewing the PDF of the formatted labels, you can proceed with the print.


Note – It is strongly recommended that you send through a test sheet the first time you print labels. If you find that the margins are not correct, there are settings in the Adobe Reader or from the Create labels page you can select to correct this.


Correct Positioning of Labels


First, open up the Adobe Acrobat Reader. From the menu, select File, and then Print.


When the Print dialog box appears, look for the section titled Page Handling and perform the following:


Change Page Scaling to None.

Uncheck Auto Rotate and Center.

Uncheck Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size.



Also, there is a feature on the Create Mailing Labels for PDFs page that will allow you to make adjustments. 

Locate the feature titled Fine Tune Page Positioning. Place a ‘check’ in the box next to this feature. Left click to the right of the text Fine Tune Page Positioning and drop down boxes will appear that will allow you to adjust the vertical and horizontal pitch of the text on the labels.


Download as CSV file 

If you wish to export the owner name and address information into another software program, you also have the option of downloading the labels as a CSV file. Under Select Output Format Select Create Labels as Text File(CSV). Then click on Generate Labels in CSV Format


 There is also an Option to Create Labels in Word Format.  By clicking this option you create labels by  selecting your label type followed by Generate Labels in Word Format.

Just like with PDF generation you will get the following screen to either open or save the document